Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. What is SocialStats?

 A. Socialstats is a tool made to help people who want to find out or track their Instagram analytics to stay updated and make improvements.

 Q. How to use SocialStats?

 A. It is fairly simple to use our tool all you have to do enter the instagram username and click search to fetch latest Instagram analytics.

 Q. How to buy points ?

 A. Just goto store and click Paypal add the amount of points you want 1 point is equal to 1 dollar with 1 point you can unlock 1 Instagram account analytics.

 Q. How to hide ads

 A. To hide ads for lifetime you have to purchase 5 points and buy NO ADS.

 Q. Where can I access my old Instagram reports?

 A. All your unlocked reports get saved automatically under my My Reports in your account.

 Q. Can I download my unlocked reports?

 A. Yes you can download all your unlocked reports in PDF format.

 Q. How to track any Instagram account analytics

 A. You can add the account to your favorites and keep an eye on it.